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Why TikTok is furious about DoorDash’s new cash policy

Comments from a video unimpressed with DoorDash’s attempt to integrate cash payment were also unimpressed. Most punched potential holes in the possibility.

“And then you wouldn’t even know your tip in advance!!” we noted. “No thanks!” The thing is, most DoorDashers know what their tip is when they accept an order, and therefore factor the amount into the effort they put into fulfilling it. While this method can encourage tip baiting by offering high tips to get deliveries faster before cutting them back at the last minute, it’s more of a safe bet than a complete unknown because the New York Post Remarks.

Another common theme was that the inclusion of cash undermined a selling point of the app: “The goal was for drivers not to have cash on them for their safety.” Terrible things could still happen, but it won’t be mobile, unattended piggy banks.

A third raised the issue that physical payments can cast doubt on the veracity of the money being used. “Or what if they get a fake note?” they simply asked. No driver will take the time to put every bill through a forensic examination.

There were other points raised which are actually addressed by DoorDash FAQs. If a customer tells a driver that they paid online, the driver is asked not to hand over the food. However, working conditions for couriers are such that a new payment system is met with understandable skepticism.