Required supporting documents and conditions for obtaining the loan

Did you run into financial problems and don’t know how to get out of it quickly? There may be any reason. You have to pay your phone debt, your electricity or gas balance, or you just have no funds a few days before your payout.

You may be thinking of buying new Good Finance Home appliances or furniture and you don’t want to wait. All of this you can borrow at Good Finance Home Credit and you do not even have to specify the specific reason for the loan.

Where can I apply for a loan?

Good Finance Home Credit loan is available online or at Czech Post branches. It is also possible to apply for it by telephone. Amounts range from hundreds of crowns to 150 000 USD.

What are the conditions for obtaining a loan?

When you apply for a loan, you fill in a few personal details that will be verified on your identity card. You will need one more valid ID – driver’s license, passport, birth certificate or firearms license. Persons with regular fixed income may apply for a loan. They must be minors, but the high age of the applicants – pensioners – does not matter. The ability to repay is a priority. There are no collateral obligations associated with the loans .

Buy goods in installments

Good Finance Home Credit also enables installment purchases in an extensive network of partner shops. First you choose the goods and then the store employee will write a request for installment purchase with you and have it evaluated immediately.

After approval, a credit contract is drawn up in the store and you take the goods Good Finance Home and then repay it as agreed. With this method of lending money you do not pay any fee in advance and it is completely free of charge.

You need two identity documents to process your loan application . You can use a valid passport, driver’s license, firearms license or birth certificate with your ID card. If you’re an employee or self-employed person, business information is also required. Payment is made by bank transfer or by postal order.

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