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Have you asked for a loan with but have you realized that you need more money ? Well, you are in the right place! With you can increase the amount of your loan online by requesting an additional amount at any time by simply accessing your customer area and after checking if your current credit limit allows it.

Who can request an additional amount on your loan ?

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If you are already a client of and want to expand the amount we have lent you , all you have to do is access your customer area where you will find this personalized option. From there you can request your additional amount easily and quickly. You must keep in mind that to request an additional amount, you must meet the following conditions:

You must have at least 100 euros of available credit. You must have paid at least a fee and that the expiration date has been met (in case you have decided to pay it in advance).

What is the additional amount I can request?

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In loans, you have two options to expand your credit amount. Depending on your data, our system will assign you an additional amount automatically:

If it is your first loan, your credit limit is 800 euros , so you could only ask for an additional amount in case you had asked for less than 800 euros. For example: if you have requested a first loan of 500 euros, you could request an additional amount of 300 euros until you reach your total credit limit of 800.

If it is a repeated loan, depending on the amount of credits that you have repaid as of the due date, your credit limit will gradually increase to a maximum of 2,500 euros . For example, if you have been a customer for a long time and your credit limit is 1,500 euros and today you have requested a loan of 800 euros, you could have at any time an additional amount of up to 700 euros.

Once you have repaid your fast loan and after automatically reviewing your payment history, we can offer you the possibility of increasing your fast credit amount. This functionality will be available in your client area, so you only need to enter and request it. Keep in mind, you’ll have to wait a week for your new credit limit to be available.

What happens to my current loan if I request an additional amount?

What happens to my current loan if I request an additional amount?

The additional amount you request will be added to the principal amount of your current credit, so you will have to decide what you want to do with your monthly payments. You have two options:

Increase the amount you pay each month by keeping the number of fees you chose to pay it. If you initially decided to do it at 12, it will remain at 12, but you will pay a little more on each one. Increase the number of installments in which you will repay your loan. If you prefer not to increase the amount you pay each time, you can choose to pay it in more months than you initially established.



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