As the modern world is changing its trends, people are changing their minds according to that. The use of glasses is not confined to only persons with sight problems. Nowadays people of every age whether men or women are using glasses in different forms. Sunglasses are becoming trendy and people are using them as an important accessory along with their dresses. The designer sunglasses and custom sunglasses are on top heat this year. The sunglasses can be made on a prescription from the person ordering them. The prescription can be from any eye specialist or not and you can easily get your favorite glasses within some days. The shape of the face is very important in this matter and you must select the sunglasses that suit your face. There are some tips, which can prove helpful for you while deciding which type of sunglasses to buy.

1. Sunglasses for round and oval faces:
People with oval or round faces are considered to have the best-known shape for face. Anything can look good on the face as the shape is very versatile and even. People with round faces can have glasses shaped in square, round and even over-sized. Girls can get custom glasses, which are big to enhance their facial structures. Many designer brands and big names are offering glasses, which are big, and they look very nice on everyone. You can select anyone from their range.

2. Sunglasses for square shapes faces:
The people with square face should try oval or curvy sunglasses. They should not wear square sunglasses as it will add square factor to the face. However the men can try using square sunglasses but women shouldn’t. Women love to look slim and by using square sunglasses for a squarer face will depress their beauty and it will also be a manly image. So it is better to buy rounded, oval or custom sunglasses with curves. click here to get more information cheap ray bans.

How custom sunglasses affect your facial shape?
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