Credit card: Everything you wanted to know about when and where to use it

Having a credit card is increasingly common, not only among adults with families, but also among young workers. Another thing that happens more and more are the calls or face-to-face offers to acquire a new card that, apparently, has everything you need and always needed.

But the question is: How should we handle these plastics to avoid causing us problems? Is it possible to enjoy its benefits without spending large sums of money or paying interest? The answer is yes, and with these tips, you will surely give your card a better use.


Tip 1: Carefully evaluate the acquisition of a new card

Tip 1: Carefully evaluate the acquisition of a new card

When they offer us a card, it is very easy for us to lose sight of what it really implies, and let ourselves be carried away by the amount of the credit line or some benefit. Being offered a major line of credit does not mean you have more money, just that you can spend more. Therefore, it also involves exposing yourself to a higher risk.

Then, you need to consider if you really need another card, as it implies more interest expenses, sending statements, commissions and insurance.


Tip 2: Be a totalero

credit card

This means that, if possible, seek to cancel all your purchases in a direct payment, without dividing it into installments. Not only will you save interest, but by having this “policy”, you are forced to mark a limit with your plastic, otherwise it will exceed what you can pay at the end of the month. By keeping track, you will pay attention to the expenses you are making with your plastic and you will be more aware of when it is convenient to use the card and when not.


Tip 3: Use it for more benefits

Tip 3: Use it for more benefits

The dynamics with your card should work as follows: you not only get what you buy, but also an additional benefit just by using it. For example, miles, discounts in restaurants, bars, cinemas, etc. That way you are taking advantage, because you are getting something else and making it worth the insurance you pay monthly.


Tip 4: Do not use it as a cash replacement

cash replacement

How to replace cash? So is. Do not think that your card is giving you money. The truth is that each of the things you buy or sometimes when you use it represents an expense. At the end of the month, you will have to pay for them, so that it is not an increase to your salary or your income.

Finally, part of putting it to good use has to do with being convinced that the card you have is ideal for you. How to achieve it? Comparing the alternatives and card options available at Rossie Mond. Having an idea of ​​what the market offers, you will conclude if what you currently have is the right thing or you can look for something better.

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